1st November: mandatory Identification and Registration for cats in Wallonie

The obligation to identify and register domestic cats will be published in the official Journal “Moniteur Belge” in the coming days and will take effect on 1 November. The Walloon Minister of Animal Welfare Carlo DI ANTONIO explains the practical details of this new measure closely linked to the legislation on compulsory neutering of cats.

In 2015, nearly 26,700 animals were collected in Walloon shelters, compared to more than 24,300 in 2014. Dogs and cats are the most commonly abandoned animals in Wallonia., and more than a third of these animals are unfortunately killed due to lack of space.

The necessity of moving towards compulsory neutering of domestic cats had already been emphasized in 2009 by the Walloon Council for Animal Welfare, in order to promote a real decrease in the statistics of abandonment and overpopulation of unowned cats. (french)


More on Identification and Registration here: http://carocat.eu/identification-and-registration/