A kitten saved by firefighters after 11 hours of intervention in France (Alpes Maritimes)

The animal was trapped in the technical shaft of a building.

11 hours of intervention, 19 firefighters mobilized, an endoscopic camera … The firefighters of the Alpes-Maritimes did not skimp on the means to save the kitten stuck in a technical sheath.

Floki, 10 months old, had been missing for a week when her 16-year-old owner heard meowing on Saturday morning in a building near her home. "The cat had fallen into a masonry duct, a kind of chimney," says in Nice-Matin the commander Sebastien Lambert, the commander of the rescue operations. "The cat was on the roof and fell seven meters. He had been there for at least two or three days."

A rescue-clearing team

The access to this technical sheath, between the ground floor and the first floor, was tricky. It was too small to pass a human being, a "rescue-clearing" team equipped with an endoscopic camera" had to be called to locate the kitten.

To extract the animal, firefighters decided to work from the outside of the building, trying to do as little damage as possible" at the cables and the structure of the building, complete the firefighter.

On Saturday night, 11 hours after the start of the intervention, Floki was pulled out of the technical jacket thanks to one of her owner's scarf which he "grabbed". "It was a beautiful emotion," admits Captain Lambert. "There is nothing better for a girl who finds her cat alive! She thanked us very much. "

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