Andalucian Feline Conference in Cordoba (Spain)

The Federation of Animal Protection Associations (FAPAC) of Córdoba (Spain), with the support of the Plataforma Gatera NGO (Barcelona) ​​has organized the first Andalusian Feline Conference, which took place last week in Cordoba (Spain).

Cat Population Management

The conference objectives were to analyze the cat reality in each of the eight provinces of the Andalucian region, and to look at the proposals of improvement in TNR program on a veterinarian, political and legal perspectives.

The auditorium of the Rectorate of the University of Cordoba (UCO) hosted the event, which is intended of being an "annual reference meeting for all agents involved in cat welfare and protection".

TNR cat management


Fapac representatives have explained that "today's society has changed and is significantly different from that of a few years ago," so "the new situation requires an intellectual effort to make change happens towards an ethical and efficient management of feral cats in Andalucía”. They recalled that the municipalities, by delegation of the Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) are responsible to ensure animal welfare is a reality, while expecting that the Animal Protection Law of Andalusia will be soon adapted to the reality of Andalusian cities and the social demand.

The Andalusian cat, our present, his future

The motto of the day was 'The Andalusian cat, our present, his future'. During the day the 200 participants could listen the presentations from experts in different fields such as Enrique Alonso (permanent member of the Council of State – Madrid) who started the conference or Valentina Aybar, feline veterinarian and current President of the Feline Medicine Study Group of Spain (Gemfe) who was the last speaker of the day. (spanish)