Barcelona adheres to the Cat Manifesto: all political parties of the City Council approved the proposal presented yesterday

Barcelona unanimously approved the Feline Manifesto presented yesterday at the Environment and Urban Ecology Commission. The city becomes the third to adhere to the manifesto, after Malaga and Tarragona.

The Cat Manifesto is a decalogue that synthesizes fundamental measures to ensure feline welfare and protection. The NGO Plataforma Gatera assures us that "the rigorous fulfillment of the proposals would mean a radical change in the life and the consideration that one has of the cats".

The Manifesto, a project driven by CAROcat and TASSO e.V. was presented during the “Feline Protection Forum” conference,  held at the Congress of Deputies in Madrid two years ago.  The Cat Manifesto is a 10 points road map towards a better welfare and protection of cats, including the humane management of urban cat colonies.

During their interventions, the politicians have demonstrated their total support for the city to adhere and commit to the manifesto. Commissioner Frederic Ximeno has taken advantage to reinforce the campaign which is currently in the streets of the city remembering the obligation to microchip all cats, dogs and ferrets in Catalonia. (spanish)