Belgium: The House votes the reduction of VAT on the sterilization of cats

The Chamber approved the reduction of VAT on cat neutering from 21% to 6%, with 125 votes in favor (only 2 against and 3 abstentions). The proposed law on this subject was approved in the plenary session.

.A 21% to 6% VAT reduction on cat sterilization, now mandatory in all three regions, will actually encourage people to sterilize their cat and enable them to comply with legislation.

On the day before yesterday, Tuesday, April 23rd, GAIA President and Director Michel Vandenbosch and Ann De Greef handed over to the President of the House, Siegfried Bracke, the 57,025 signatures of their petition "for a drop in VAT on Cat Neutering". "A clear signal from citizens who has obviously been heard by politicians: the House has indeed approved the reduction of VAT on the sterilization of cats".

A remedy to feline overpopulation

In Flanders (since 1 April 2018), in Wallonia (since 1 November 2017) and in Brussels (since 1 January 2018), it is compulsory to neuter your cat.

This legislation, for which GAIA has fought for years, also responds to the demand of shelters and actors in the field. Un-neutered cats have a high capacity of reproduction, generation many kittens who end up abandoned, becoming stray or in shelters. The result of the feline overpopulation is visible in shelter intakes numbers and mass killing of cats in Belgium.

It is now up to the Federal Minister of Finance Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) to motivate the decrease of the vat with the administration of the European Commission.

GAIA representative says: "We are convinced that the fact that thousands of cats must be euthanized in our country because they cannot find a family will motivate the minister to defend the law 100%." GAIA calls on the government to take the necessary steps quickly”.