Brussels Region will spend over 90,000 euros on cats neutering campaign

A budget of 92,850 euros has been released by the Brussels Secretary of State for Animal Welfare, Bianca Debaets to help municipalities in Brussels to promote the sterilization of cats which will become mandatory in Brussels as from 1 January 2018 for all cats over six months old.

Twelve out of the nineteen Brussels municipalities have already informed they will candidate to obtain a subsidy from the Region, enabling them to help financially cat owners  to sterilize their animals. The sterilization of a cat is a relatively expensive operation (about 150 euros for a female and 75 euros for a male), which can therefore prevent  many individuals to do it.
However, "sterilization is essential for the health of cats: it prolongs their life expectancy and reduces the risk of diseases as well as aggressiveness and noise nuisance when the females are in heat. This operation also avoids too many unmanageable litters that increase the number of stray cats and also euthanasia in shelters, "explains Bianca Debaets, who points out that it is part of her responsibility, as Head of the Animal Welfare Department, to combat this phenomenon. (french)