Cat neutering regulations in Lower Saxony

Strengthened action against growing cat suffering is possible with amendments to the so-called “sub-delegation” regulation adopted by the provincial government on Tuesday. Municipalities will be allowed to issue their own regulations for the protection of stray cats, including their neutering for reasons of animal welfare.
Christian Meyer Minister responsible for the animal welfare declares: "the castration of cats and thus avoiding an uncontrolled reproduction with high population densities serves not only the protection of cats, but also the protection of birds. We have to do it in many places with a proliferation of free cats in Lower Saxony."

With this State Decree, communities will be empowered to require the identification, registration, and neutering of free-roaming cats on the basis of the animal protection Act (TierSchG). Minister Meyer also appeals to cat owners to neuter their cats.
Lower Saxony also improves the cat protection in the shelters. For this, the Department of agriculture promotes the Association of Lower Saxony animal protection societies (VNT) with 100,000 euro. Animal shelters or animal shelter-related facilities that have an approval under the animal welfare Act (§ 11 TierSchG), will receive this funding for the neutering and identification of cats.

An estimated population of around 3.2 million cats without direct human supervision and care (200,000 in Lower Saxony) are living in Germany. This uncontrolled population leads to an increase in the population of feral cats. These animals often suffer injuries and infectious diseases and have a lower life expectancy overall. (German)