The type of cat population management proposed by CAROcat is an approach that aims to reduce the population of free-roaming cats through humane methods like catch-neuter-release (CNR) and to improve the responsible ownership of cats.

We believe that such an approach contributes significantly to enhance the welfare of all cats, and reduces public health risks at the same time.

Our idea of cat population management is based on key components which are detailed in this section: the CNR approach together with rabies control to manage the free-roaming cat population; Identification and Registration as a key component of responsible ownership of cats; the shelter management protocol to ensure the welfare of rescued cats; emergency protocols to ensure that animals are included in disaster-related legislation.

 pink-arrow-1  The Catch, Neuter and Release approach (CNR)

 pink-arrow-1  Identification and Registration

 pink-arrow-1  Rabies Control (WHO)

 pink-arrow-1  Shelters

 pink-arrow-1  Emergency missions (Disaster Relief and Rapid response following a political crisis)