“Catching feral cats to confine them in kennels like in Granada or Almería is institutional animal abuse”

The second edition of the Animal Welfare Conference held in Malaga last Monday was organized by the Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) and the Andalusian Council of Veterinarians, addressed the control of urban animals.

Municipal veterinarians and technicians from the environment and health areas, together with members of local police bodies and Seprona (Guardia Civil group specialized in Environment and Animals protection) attended the event. The speakers were mostly veterinarians and jurists. The second panel discussion was dedicated to the management of un-owned cat population.

Among the speakers, Agnès Dufau reported that a mistaken legal interpretation causes some municipalities to trap feral cats, confine them in public pounds and kill them once the legal deadline is covered. For Dufau the solution is to implement TNR programs to control the feral cat population, involving NGOs, veterinarians and the public administration.

José Antonio Delgado of the Directorate General of the Andalusian Government confirmed that the Andalusia law does not include TNR as such, but in no case the legislation prohibits it.

Valentina Aybar, veterinarian and president of the Spanish Group of Feline medicine (Gemfe) explained the effectiveness of the TNR method for the ethical and effective control of cat populations.

Luís Medina Montoya of the Environment area of ​​Malaga – a city that joined the Feline Manifesto in 2016 – and Federico Vilaplana Valverde, president of the Cadiz Veterinary Council, confirmed the benefits brought by their cities TNR programs. (Spanish)