Compulsory sterilization of cats from 1 November: fines for offenders

Wallonia is tackling the problem of feline overpopulation. As of November 1st, all kittens must be microchipped and neutered before the age of six months. Fines are provided for infringements.

A transitional period has been implemented for all cats born before 31 October 2017. These cats will have to be neutered before 1 January 2019. In addition to this deadline, in any case, the cat must be sterilized before there is any changes of ownership (sales, gifts and adoptions). For cats introduced on the territory of Wallonia after 1 November 2017. If they are more than 5 months old, they must be sterilized within 30 days of their introduction.

By way of derogation, for breeders, a cat destined for breeding shall not be sterilized if the person is a certified breeder. If the cat is no longer intended for breeding, he must be neutered, and this is applicable to any cat sold by the breeder after he is 6 months old.

For shelters all cats given in adoption have to be sterilized in the centre before the adoption.

The veterinarian who proceeds to the sterilization of a cat must issue a certificate containing the date of sterilization and the identification of the cat. (french)