EU Parliament’s petitions

Petition No 1646/2014 by Antonia Morral Agusti (Spanish) on EU regulation on pet protection. The petitioner requests the adoption of a EU regulation on pet protection. She acknowledges that part of the competences belong to Member States and in the Spanish case, to the different regions. However, she reminds that the Directive 2010/63/EU is also applicable to pets. In particular she asks for an enforcement of veterinary controls regarding animals coming from non EU members, since several cases of dogs with hydrophobia coming from Maghreb have taken place recently. Furthermore, she considers that both legal measures and advertisement campaigns on vaccination, abandonment, sterilization and making chips compulsory could be made at European level.

Petition 595/2011, submitted by Kendra Pinder, addresses alleged mistreatment of animals in Romania. According to the petitioner, animals have been mistreated in Romania and have been put to death using cruel methods; a case is cited of 220 slaughtered dogs in Botoşani. Petitioner stresses that the killing of dogs has become a lucrative business in Romania and asks the European Union that, due to corruption within the country, it should monitor more closely EU funds allocated to that Member State.

Petition 1234/2011, submitted by Marja Kokkonen, also addresses ill-treatment of dogs and cats in Romania and condemns treatment of stray dogs in the Romanian city Barlad. On the basis of photos that show dog catchers capturing animals and often hurting them, it seems that despite the EU funds given to Romania to resolve the situation with stray dogs, nothing has changed. A lot points to the fact that the funds have ended up in the pockets of the (local) authorities instead. The petitioner requests that the treatment of stray animals in Romania be investigated.

Petition 1274/2011, submitted by Rumi Becker on behalf of "Ärzte für Tiere e.V." (Dogs 4 Dogs European Network) and 157.456 co-signatories, draws attention to the lack of EU rules with regard to the protection of homeless and stray animals. Due to the lack of legal regulations within the EU, these animals are subjected to cruelty particularly in some countries, such as Romania and Italy. The petitioner has asked for establishment of rules regarding several issues such as: breeding of animals as pets; state vaccination and castration programmes; implementation of animal welfare lessons in schools; a ban on 'killing stations'; a ban on the killing of stray animals without medical indication and the obligatory use of painless euthanasia; a ban on killing for commercial reasons (fur production); minimum standards for shelters; ban on the hunting and shooting of stray dogs and cats; ban on the use of stray animals for laboratory experiments; and obligatory identification and registration.

Petition 1613/2010, submitted by Rosa Letamendia Perez de San Román on behalf of the Spanish NGO "Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alava Vicky Moore", draws the attention of the Committee to an uncontrolled export of a large number of stray dogs and cats from Spain to other EU Member States. Such an approach results in a serious infringement of the EU provisions on animal health requirements governing trade in and the transport of pet animals between Member States. According to the petitioner, the problem of stray animals in Spain and trade in these animals should be solved in an effective and animal-friendly way. The petitioner has called on the European Parliament to look into the matter.