European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases – ABCD EDITORIAL MAY 2017

abcd"Guidelines produced by expert boards are evidence based and take into account the latest scientific knowledge. This means they have to be updated on a regular basis. So far, ABCD has published 45 guidelines on viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan and helminthic feline diseases and it is working hard to keep them updated. Additionally, 4 new guidelines – including one on the vaccination of immunosuppressed cats – are currently in the making and will be available online in the coming months. The fact sheet series, which is greatly appreciated by practitioners, also continues to expand: this year alone, already 10 new fact sheets have been produced and are available on our website. ABCD will hold its next meeting at the end of May, to allow scientific exchange and discussions, with the aim to improve its guidelines and fact sheets, update them according to the latest scientific state of knowledge and to identify new areas of interest for practitioners. May 2017".