Federal meeting of the Animal Welfare Officers and Ombudspersons for Animal Welfare in Kassel

System of “independent voices” for animal welfare leads the way
“We see ourselves as independent voices for animal welfare and as contact points for all citizens who are interested in animal welfare,” summed up the Animal Welfare Officer of the state of Hesse, Dr Madeleine Martin, at the meeting of Germany’s Animal Welfare Officers and Animal Welfare Ombudspersons on 8 March 2016 in the city of Kassel. The states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse, Saxon-Anhalt, Saarland, Berlin and Baden-Wurttemberg were represented. During the meeting, the Animal Welfare Officer of Baden-Wurttemberg, Dr Cornelie Jäger, also welcomed the fact that the system of independent Animal Welfare Officers was setting an example: “In the meantime, we have six federal states (Bundesländer) with Animal Welfare Officers and Ombudspersons on this issue – and in May another state will follow.”
Aside from networking and exchanging experiences of issues currently being addressed, the meeting also offered an opportunity to decide which common projects they would work on. It was agreed that they would focus on achieving comprehensive Germany-wide federal identification and registration for dogs and cats. The traceability of these animals will be a key component in tackling various animal welfare and health problems, from the illegal puppy trade to abandoned animals.
All the participants stated that they would welcome the future establishment of such independent contact persons for animal welfare in all states and at the federal level, making the network complete.

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