Identification and Registration

Identification and Registration are the inseparable elements that enable Feline Traceability. In combination with veterinary care and education, Cat Traceability is the key element to guarantee responsible ownership and to avoid zoonoses.

Established in 2004, the so-called EU Pet Passport Regulation has brought in the mandatory identification of all dogs, cats and ferrets moving into the EU, but unfortunately no mandatory registration. Up to now, therefore, registration has been a national issue, and there is no real EU cat traceability mechanism.

While in some countries a workable national database has been established (e.g. Belgium, France), in some other countries, several non-compatible databases exist, permitting no real traceability (e.g. Spain). Despite the EU cat registration deficiency, some private initiatives have tried to establish a European Database, or more precisely a system enabling access to the data registered at the national level. The most effective one is EuroPetNet.

pink-arrow-1 European and National Database;

pink-arrow-1  Countries where there is mandatory Identification and Registration of dogs and cats

pink-arrow-1 The CAROdog/cat EU Traceability Expert Workshop

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