Characteristics of Shelter-Relinquished Animals and Their Owners Compared With Animals and Their Owners in U.S. Pet-Owning Households

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Document:  CharacteristicsOfShelterAnimals

Infectious diseases in shelter situations and their management

Author: K. Mostl et al.
Source: Advisory Board on Cat Diseases
Document:  infectious diseases in shelter situations

Grouping protocol in shelters

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Anesthesia in Shelter Medicine

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Document: Anesthesia in Shelter Medicine

Zoonotic disease awareness in animal shelter workers and volunteers and the effect of training

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Document: Colorado State University Training Proposal

Shelter policies

Author: de Souza M. F.
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Document: Shelter Policies

Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters

Author:   Newbury S., Blinn M. K., Bushby P. A., et al.
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Document: ShelterGuide

New Paradigms for Shelters and Community Cats

Author: Dr. Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVM; Dr. Julie Levy, DVM ,PhD, DACVIM
Document: New Paradigms for Shelters and Community Cats

Community Pet Adoption Partnerships Survey Results: Stray Kitten Scenario

Author: Maddies Fund
Source: Maddies Fund
Document: Stray Kitten Scenario

Assessment of Clicker Training for Shelter Cats

Author: L.Kogan; C.Kolus; R.Schoenfeld-Tacher

Cage size, movement in and out of housing during daily care, and other environmental and population health risk factors for feline upper respiratory disease in nine North America animal shelters

Author: DC Wagner; PH Kass; KF Hurley

Shelter housing for cats – Principles of design for health, welfare and rehoming

Author: D Wagner; K Hurley; J Stavisky
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