Characteristics of Shelter-Relinquished Animals and Their Owners Compared With Animals and Their Owners in U.S. Pet-Owning Households

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Document:  CharacteristicsOfShelterAnimals

Grouping protocol in shelters

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Anesthesia in Shelter Medicine

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Document: Anesthesia in Shelter Medicine

Zoonotic disease awareness in animal shelter workers and volunteers and the effect of training

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Document: Colorado State University Training Proposal

Shelter policies

Author: de Souza M. F.
Source: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
Document: Shelter Policies

Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters

Author:   Newbury S., Blinn M. K., Bushby P. A., et al.
Source: The Association of Shelter Veterinarians, 2010.
Document: ShelterGuide

New Paradigms for Shelters and Community Cats

Author: Dr. Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVM; Dr. Julie Levy, DVM ,PhD, DACVIM
Document: New Paradigms for Shelters and Community Cats

Effect of cage size on the behaviors of cats housed in an animal shelter

Author: Cristie YJ Kamiya , DVM
Document: Effect of cage size on the behaviors of cats housed in an animal shelter.

Community Pet Adoption Partnerships Survey Results: Stray Kitten Scenario

Author: Maddies Fund
Source: Maddies Fund
Document: Stray Kitten Scenario

Assessment of Clicker Training for Shelter Cats

Author: L.Kogan; C.Kolus; R.Schoenfeld-Tacher