No permethrin for cats!

In France the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) recalls that permethrin-based anti.parasite products for dogs are toxic to cats.

With the arrival of good weather, the National Agency for Health Safety (ANSES) recalls in a press release that permethrin-based anti-parasite medicines for dogs are toxic to cats. "These drugs can cause neurological disorders (tremor, convulsions) that can be fatal in cats, because of its inability to eliminate certain compounds such as permethrin. With some concentrated formulations such as spot-on products, a few drops can be enough to induce severe effects in the most sensitive animals "explains the agency.

It adds that serious accidents have been reported for several years through the “pharmacovigilance” system set up by the National Agency for Veterinary Medicine Products. These can be serious or even fatal adverse reactions in cats treated with these anti-flee products. "Accidents continue to occur despite communication measures with veterinarians and pet owners, including labeling the absolute contraindication for cats for these drugs."

In 2018, the Agency recorded 122 reports of adverse effects in cats after administration of permethrin treatments, 54 were considered serious and 6 cats died.

Permethrin is toxic to cats

International Cat Care launched a campaign on Permethrin toxicity, “Make sure you get flea treatment 'spot on'”, a few years ago to raise cats' owners awareness.

International Cat Care recalled the importance to notify both the manufacturer of the product and the local drug regulatory authorities in case of poisoning. Cases of poisoning must be reported through official channels to get an idea of the real scale of the problem.


Press Release in French