Stray cats: Long-term mass neutering campaign in Sofia

IMG_0108b lr© Marcel Fens
According to Four Paws office representative in Bulgaria the population of stray cats is increasing in Sofia. Although there are no official numbers, there is an estimation of several thousands of stray cats in the city, based on the increasing reports of animals in need of treatment or to be neutered. For this reason five years ago Four Paws decided to involve local animal welfare activists to implement a long-term mass neutering campaign.

In the frame of the program which started in April 2011, more than 5300 cats have been neutered. The program started as a partnership with one veterinary clinic and is currently involving 8 clinics.

The “free” neutering runs on a voucher system. The vouchers are issued by Four Paws and distributed to volunteers who capture and transport the cats to the clinics. FOUR PAWS covers the expenses for the neutering surgery, the vaccination and deworming of the cats and for a 24h period of postoperative care at the vet clinic.

At the clinic the veterinarians tear one part of the voucher and keep it for their records. They use the other part of the voucher to fill in the information about the neutering and to keep the anti-rabies vaccine sticker, before returning this part to the volunteer. Volunteers keep the vouchers for each neutered cat, as a document which can prove that the cat was neutered and vaccinated.

In addition to this program many stray cats are also neutered at the Four Paws clinic. To support the Four Paws Stray cats project in Bulgaria, please visit: Four Paws Bulgaria