Tarragona declares itself a “Cat Friendly City” and adheres to the Cat Manifesto

Today the municipal plenary has approved a motion presented by the animal protection NGO GAIA Tarragona. The plenary approved unanimously the decision to declare Tarragona a “Cat Friendly City”. The motion filed by the political party Ciudadanos through GAIA Tarragona, asked to approve a series of measures to protect the city’s cats. These measures refer to the Feline Manifesto, a Decalogue which was presented in a conference at the Congress of Deputies in Madrid two years ago.  The Cat Manifesto is a 10 points road map towards a better welfare and protection of cats, including the humane management of urban cat colonies.

By approving the motion, the plenary is adhering to the Cat Manifesto, which includes points such as the mandatory identification and registration of cats (which is already a legal requirement in Cataluña); the recognition of the cat colonies and TNR programs as the only method to control the feline population and the enforcement of the Law to end criminal offenses against cats, among others.

Besides the acceptance of this manifesto, the approved motion forces the administration to implement political strategies to better protect cat colonies and to inform and educate the public about them. The Association GAIA Tarragona also offered to provide specific training on the colonies and TNR for the local police. Finally, the motion recognizes the symbiosis between cats and the Roman heritage of the city, “as in Rome", and the necessity to protect cats and support the associations dedicated to cat welfare.