The Cat Manifesto enters the Congress of Deputies

The Cat Manifesto was presented in the Spanish Congress of Deputies on April 24 during the first Parliamentary Forum on Feline Protection, organized by the Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animals (APDDA). This event has been the largest gathering of “cats’ advocates” cats ever convened in Europe to this day. This is an unprecedented event in a national parliament: the Congress hall Ernest Lluch remained small and it was impossible to meet all the requests for assistance from all over Spain.During four hours cats were vindicated as “citizens” entitled to be respected and protected, and TNR was advocated as the only effective and ethically acceptable method to control populations of stray and feral cats.
The aim of all those behind the Feline Manifesto is to make the document a basis for the competent authorities dealing with the control and protection of stray cats. In Spain this area depends on local councils, and whereas some institutions have already launched TNR programs (Barcelona, Malaga, Valladolid and Zaragoza, for example) there are still many places where this is not contemplated. There has been a recent unfortunate example in Cartagena, where the mayor aims to exterminate feral cats, fact that has already been denounced by the APDDA.(spanish)