The Federal Government ignored a cost savings of 27 million euros

The parliamentary group of Alliance 90 / The Greens submitted to the Federal Government of Germany the request to establish mandatory identification and registration for cats and dogs. The Federal Government rejected this proposal arguing that this would cause an excessive administrative burden.

In a press release TASSO stated that this argument is not founded, and criticised the position of the Federal Government. In fact, the mandatory federal Identification and Registration (I&R) of dogs and cats would result in saving a very high amount of money, because lost animals kept in shelters would be quickly reunited with their family.

Furthermore, there is already a system of I&R operating in Europe: Europetnet – of which TASSO is a member – includes 27 databases from different member countries, both private and public ones. In many EU member states, a mandatory national system is already in place.

A mandatory EU-wide Identification and Registration of companion animals has been demanded for many years including, just a month ago in Brussels, by expert speakers and participants to a Conference on the Welfare of Dogs and Cats which took place in the Representation of Baden-Württemberg (the press releases in German is available).