The story of “Sole” the cat lost during 50 days at Madrid airport and rescued alive

The cat was travelling on an Iberia Flight from Italy to Morocco. She was lost during the handling transfer from one flight to the other at the Madrid Barajas Airport. Sole lived during fifty days at the airport, getting food and water from nowhere, and waiting to be saved. Her owner, Silvia Pitarresi had made appeals via social networks and had published an online petition which gained 40,000 signatures. She also contacted Spanish animal protection NGOs which started to help her looking for the cat during many days and nights.

Silvia message to the local associations was desperate: “Good morning, I write desperately because July 11, when I traveled from Turin to Marrakech with Iberia flight to Madrid, my cat Sole has been lost by the staff. They did not let me go in search of it. They told me that it was a private and closed area, no access to anyone but the staff…. I am desperate, almost no one of Iberia airlines or Aena  has been showing interest. I know that they have failed professionally because they did not put the safety straps to the cage, they did not follow the procedure properly”.

After days of negotiations, the search was finally authorized and the cat rescued after more tan 50 days. Silvia has thanked every person who has been helping her until they have found Sole. She has got no other word than “Miracle” to express how she feels now that Sole is back home. (Italian)