The videos of the Feline Conference are available online

The videos of the European Feline Conference held in Barcelona on November 11, 2017 are available on the Plataforma Gatera YouTube Channel .  

This year two international speakers were invited to participate: Pierre Sultana, director of the FOUR PAWS European Policy Office, and Maggie Roberts, veterinary director of the largest feline adoption center in Europe, the National Cat Center (Cats Protection). Those two talks are available here in English:

The 2017 edition of the conference has been supported by the Barcelona City Council, TASSO e.V and FOUR PAWS. The aim of the conference is to generate and share scientific, legal and veterinary knowledge in order to provide high quality information and education for the volunteers who are working to improve cats’ welfare in Spain.  

All conference videos (in Spanish) are available here: #JFE2017