Vision and Mission



A Europe in which every cat is identified and registered, and has a responsible and well-informed owner, thus preventing overpopulation, abandonment and mistreatment.


CAROcat promotes cat responsible ownership both at the institutional level and among citizens, through this website, working groups and public events. CAROcat aims to collate, generate and disseminate reliable knowledge about cats in Europe, focusing on eline overpopulation and on all resulting animal welfare problems.

CAROcat supports the establishment of mandatory Identification and Registration (I&R) of companion animals and opposes the killing of healthy cats for overpopulation control.

An effective strategy should be based on:

  •     public information and education, including trainings of professionals
  •     EU-wide animal identification & registration and traceabillity
  •     preventive veterinary care
  •     systematic birth control programs according to the individual country’s needs