Vote For Animals 2019 Campaign

The VoteForAnimals2019  campaign offers an opportunity for MEP candidates to make a public commitment to animal welfare for the next EU parliamentary term.

Eurogroup for Animals launched its VoteforAnimals2019 campaign to put animal welfare at the heart of the next European elections. The campaign will also inform and motivate Europeans to vote in favour of animal-friendly candidates.

The campaign’s website,  invites candidate MEPs to sign up to 21 specific pledges stating clear commitments to improve animal welfare.

Companion Animals special focus logo cat

By signing the Companion Animals pldge MEP candidates make a commitment to "Promote the introduction of compatible systems of identification and registration of dogs and cats at the EU level in order to ensure more efficient traceability of those animals".

In the frame of the CARO EU Traceability Expert Working Group, the urgent need of mandatory Identification and Registration of cats and dogs in the EU has been regularly assessed.