Cat Manifesto: a tool to improve the protection of cats in Europe

The Cat Manifesto is a 10 points road map towards a better welfare and protection of cats, including the humane management of cat colonies.

The Cat Manifesto is a Decalogue that synthesizes concrete measures to guide citizens and public authorities to achieve a better management of the feline population and at the same time a better coexistence between humans and cats.

The Cat Manifesto, a project driven by CAROcat and TASSO e.V. was presented during the first edition of the “Parliamentary Feline Protection Forum” (April 2015) held at the Congress of Deputies in Madrid.

VP 26 jan 2015

A few months later, the City of Málaga Plenary Council approved to adhere to the Cat Manifesto and to regulate cat colonies

The representative of the Permanent Commission on Environmental Sustainability of the city of Málaga,, came up with the proposal to add the new “Feral cat” definition to the local ordinance arguing that the existing definitions of domestic and wild animals are not adapted to the specificity of the urban cat, as stated in the second point of the Cat Manifesto.

In April 2017 the city of Tarragona declared itself a “Cat Friendly City” and adhered to the Cat Manifesto

In June 2017, Barcelona adhered to the Cat Manifesto

Barcelona unanimously approved the Feline Manifesto presented at the Environment and Urban Ecology Commission. The city becomes the third to adhere to the manifesto, after Malaga and Tarragona.
During their interventions, the politicians have demonstrated their total support and commitment to the manifesto, taking the opportunity to reinforce the campaign promoting the obligation to microchip all cats, dogs and ferrets in Catalonia.

The Cat Manifesto is currently available in English, Spanish, German and French. Please feel free to propose other translations for your country in order to allow other countries and cities to become part of the Cat Manifesto movement. Send us a mail at

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