Charity work in the field of veterinary medicine: checklist for charities, veterinarians and veterinary students

FVE logo Charity work in the field of veterinary medicine is very popular. It ranges from taking care of shelter cats and dogs, neutering and vaccinating stray animals, conservation medicine, assisting with public health programmes and much more.

Although the EU veterinary degree is automatically recognized across the EU and veterinarians just have to notify the competent authority if they want to do some temporary work in another EU country, there are some important issues to take into account when deciding to help a charity.

It is important to make sure these trips provide an exchange of knowledge for both the volunteers and the recipient stake holders, together with enhancing animal health and welfare.

CCR Dryanovo 2005

FVE Checklist type document, with questions and answers for vets wanting to work for charities abroad outlines the main legal, ethical and professional considerations for charities, veterinarians, and veterinary students to consider before starting volunteer work.

The objective of the paper, which has been adopted at the FVE General Assembly in November 2017, is to ensure the provision of high-quality services, the protection of volunteers and the animals involved.

FVE charities providing veterinary services abroad Position Paper