France: Towards a bill against the “massive abandonment” of cats and dogs

240 French parliamentarians announced in “Le Journal du Dimanche” the coming of a bill to "put an end" to the "massive abandonment" of domestic animals.

Around 60,000 animals are abandoned during the summer holidays in France, and the  campaigns led by the animal protection NGOs such as the SPA or 30 Millions d’Amis seem to have no impact on these numbers: "the penal hardening of the sanction of the abandonment  voted in 1999 – two years of prison and 30.000 Euros of fine – did not obtain the desired effect," they note.

According to the deputies, "the main measure to prevent abandonment is the identification of dogs and cats, which was made compulsory in 1999 and 2012 respectively. But its effectiveness is only relative", for lack of enforcement, sanction and control.

Check cat microchip

Feline Overpopulation

One of the measures could be to work towards the mandatory sterilization of cats, in order to avoid the abandonment of litters and the multiplication of un-controled colonies of stray cats songs in our villages and cities and the moralization of the pet trade.

Pet trade

The presence of animals on sale on shelves and the ease of payment proposed by the retailers to the consumer assimilate cats and dogs to other goods and generate “emotional” purchases that favor abandonment," they say.

Education is another issue that should be worked on:  "school programs in primary classes must make children aware of their responsibility towards animals".

As a conclusion, the 240 parliamentarians express their “sensitiveness to the animal condition” and say they “must take their share of responsibility”: “That is why we are committed to tabling a bill to put an end to these massive abandonments, unworthy of a civilized society and our country." (French)