Identification of dogs and cats: national awareness campaign in France

For the first time in France, the identification of dogs and cats issue is being honored thanks to a national awareness campaign, launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and the national identification database I-CAD.

The identification of domestic carnivores (dogs, cats and ferrets) is a major issue, both for the French administration, and for the owners of animals. In France, identification of dogs, cats and ferrets is mandatory.

According to the 2018 data published by the I-CAD, a dogs gets lost every 20 minutes and a cat every 10 minutes in France. It is very difficult for those who are not identified to be reunited with their family. Unfortunately this subject is still poorly known by the general public, who does not always understand the usefulness of having their animal identified and registered.

Check cat microchip

The campaign has been designed around two phases:

  • The first phase is aimed to get the attention and to engage the public through the launch of a collar, called LEXIE necklace, which is presented as the first collar that allows dogs and cats to talk and ask for directions, if they get lost. Obviously this revolutionary device does not exist! It leads visitors to understand that identification is the safest way to find an animal.
  • The second phase started after the revelation of the “fake collar”: visitors will be directed to the website where they will find all the information related to companion animal identification.