Official data on lost and found companion animals in France

I-CAD, the French database for Identification of dogs, cats and ferrets releases its second annual report on lost and found companion animals in France.

Each year before the summer holidays the “I-CAD”, the national identification database for domestic carnivores, makes companion animal owners aware of the significant risks of loss of their four-legged companions. I-CAD remembers that the microchip or tattoo is an effective way to find your animal in case of loss. According to the TNS study published by I-CAd last September, an owner has an estimated additional 40% chance to find his pet if he is identified, and his contact information is up to date.

The data
Lost animals
61100 dogs cats and ferrets have been lost last year in France: a 5,3% increase on the previous year (36553 cats – +11,1%; 24686 dogs- 2%). Less than 50% of cats are identified, which makes difficult for them to be reunited with their families if they get lost. A cat is lost every 14 minutes in France; a dog is lost every 21 minutes.
Found animals
24478 companion animals were found during 2016: + 6,26% on 2015 (Cats: 12.138 (+ 14,2%); Dogs : 12.315 (+0,3%))
Public shelters intake
44437 companion animals have been taken to public shelters last year, a 7,8% increase on the previous year (3761 cats – +17%; 40645 dogs – +7%).