Reality check: Can cat poop cause mental illness?

Though more than 100 studies have found a correlation, none has shown that the parasite actually causes mental illness. Scientists "think" toxoplasmosis could cause mental illness, and the evidence comes from rodents "bizarre behaviour".

Out of all the zoonotic diseases which humans can get from cats, Toxoplasmosis is the most well known and publicised one.

Looking carefuly at cats and and the risk of infection, research indicates that contact with cats does not increase the risk of T gondii infection in humans.

Further information regarding toxoplasmosis in cats can be found in our partner ABCD  (Advisory Board on Cat Diseases) Factsheet .  Advices to reduce further the low risk of infection iare given in the Fact Sheet:

"The The best way to avoid T. gondii infection in cats is not to feed any raw meat.
! Although the risk of transmission of infection from a cat to its owner is very low, this can
be reduced further by avoiding contact to cat’s faeces (especially if older than 24
hours), covering sand-pits for children and washing hands after contact with cats