Second Edition of the Andalusian Feline Seminar (Spain)

On February 23rd, the second Edition of the Andalusian Feline Seminar will take place in Granada. The first edition was held in Cordoba last year.

The conference, organised by the Granada NGO La Troupe, a local NGO which is in charge of official TNR Program of the Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, one of the most beautiful andalucian turistic site.

Andalusian Feline Conference

The event will be a unique encounter in Andalusia to know the reality of feline colonies and the current political actions in the animal welfare field. It will be an opportunity to learn, share and dialogue with feline experts such as:

  • Gabriel Bustillo Barreda, veterinarian, Head of the sanitary area of the Animal Protective Foundation of the Principality of Asturias who works with shelters, and in 2017 opened the first Private Animal Shelter in the autonomous community. Member of the Association of Shelter Medicine (ASV) since 2009, he has a long experience in the management of cat colonies  through TNR programs.
  • Cristina Bécares, lawyer of the Bar Association of Terrassa since 2006 and Criminologist . Master in Animal Law (UAB Barcelona) she has participated in the process of development and allegations of various regulations related to animal protection. She is the coordinator of the Animal Law Commission of the Terrasa Bar Association. She acts as a lawyer specialized in Animal Law providing services throughout the national territory.
  • Victoria Lacalle, Expert Psychologist in Violence (Master in Forensic Psychology and Postgraduate in Clinic and Gender Violence), and animal rights activist. Currently Director of the Family Violence Studies Center, she is a member of the CoPPA.Collaborator of the Daily Newspaper, weekly column information: "Animalistic Thoughts".

During a round table with representatives of each of the 8 Andalusian provinces, the situation of feral cats will be discussed.

Animal cruelty is an issue in Andalusia, particularly for stray and feral cats who are often treated as pest. Although things are changing and TNR programs are beein implemented in numerous cities, there is still a lot to do. Conferences of this kind in this territory where a lot of training and communication are needed are necessary tounderstand the status quo and work better for the animals. 

CAROcat is one the main sponsors of the Conference, together with TASSO e.V., Royal Canin Spain and a few local veterinary clinics.

Registrations are open on the Conference Website: