The ABCD guidelines on FIP have been completely reviewed and updated

The Feline Infectious Peritonitis guidelines were first published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2009) 11, 594-604; the present update (May 2019) was drafted by Diane D. Addie, Katrin Hartmann, Séverine Tasker, Regina Hofmann-Lehmann, Herman Egberink, Karin Möstl et al.

In a short video, Diane D. Addie provides an insight into the last scientific advances and reiterate some elements among which:

  • Faecal RT-PCR is not useful for diagnosis of FIP but for identification of FCoV shedders within a cat colony. A positive FCoV antibody test is not confirmatory of FIP but absence of FCoV antibodies makes FIP less likely: there is no "FIP test".
  •  Virtually every cat with FIP dies or is euthanized; the prognosis is extremely poor and FIP disproportionately affects pedigree cats under two years old.
  • Currently, no licensed drug has proved effective in curing FIP. However, there are some promising experimental approaches.

You may also visit Dr Addie Website, , which purpose is to make FCoV/FIP information available to the veterinary profession and to help and guide distressed cat guardians when they receive a diagnosis of FIP.